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Swimwear Guide

Finding A Perfect Swimsuit For Your Body Type!

Every body is different and we love you exactly the way you are! You have our official permission to rock whatever swimwear you like!  
Big or small, pasty or tan, cellulite, smooth or freckled: Wear it with pride because we believe that every body is a swimwear body.


The best moves to ensure your swimwear fits. The best swimwear suit for you is whatever you find appealing and comfortable. Follow these money moves to ensure your swimwear fits before you buy: 

1. Scoop + Shuffle: Bend over, scoop under your chest and lift to rest your chest securely in your top. The top of cup should lie more or less flat against your boobs,  rather than pressing into them (creating a double-boob effect) or gaping.

2. Tug the Straps: Give a tug or two to check that adjustable straps are tight. These should sit far enough in on your shoulders that they’re not in danger of slipping off. When properly adjusted, straps should be snug enough to fit just a couple of fingers under and lift about an inch away from your shoulders.

3. Pull the Bottom: Confirm the coverage with a gentle pull. If the suit rolls on your cheeks or cuts into your hips, you might need to size up. 

4. Pinch the Middle: Grab the middle of one-piece suits, pinch and then pull. If there is a large gap between you and your swimwear then it will most likely stretch out after only a few uses.

5. Take a Selfie: Last, but not least, snap yourself in the mirror to avoid potential unwanted see-through suit disasters. 




How do you make a lean, athletic build appear curvier in a swimsuit? To create the illusion of curves, here are a few tips:
  • Create the illusion of curves in a one piece swimsuit with cut-outs, and for an added bonus get one with horizontal stripes.
  • Pick a bikini with ruffles, bows, crochet and other embellishments that will lend femininity to your frame. Ensure your bikini bottom has ties to insinuate a shapelier figure.
  • Try a swimsuit with high-cut silhouette to help show off your toned legs.


This body shape has fuller hips and bust, with a smaller waist. The best swimwear will support you and accentuate your curves. Be bold in swimwear with a striking print that flatters your Hourglass body shape. 

  • Ruching and detail around your middle to make the most of your small waist and highlight your best features.
  • Keep your top and bottom half in proportion by wearing matching bikini sets in a single color or matching prints.
  • Choose a swimsuit to accentuate your feminine curves - a low v-neck or halter neck style shows off your cleavage.


Do you have a curvy figure? A curvy shape is shapelier throughout with a full bust, hips, thighs and butt. What is the best swimsuit for a curvy figure? For curvy shapes, it is important to highlight your curves while finding enough support and coverage for your shape. Here are some tips and tricks:
  • Accentuate your curves in colorblocked or asymmetrical styles that have a contoured effect.
  • Swimsuits with embellished necklines keep eyes focused on the leaner parts of a curvier body.
  • Avoid monokinis and string bikinis, which will draw attention to your areas of concern.


What are the best swimsuits to create a larger bust? If you have a smaller chest, suits with padding will quickly create the illusion of a larger cup size. Plus, many styles and patterns will also give you the oomph you are looking for:

  • To gain the illusion of being larger on top, amp up the frill factor on your bikini top with ruffles, bows or scalloped trim.
  • Sport a triangle top that gives the appearance of more curves.
  • Obviously, bikini tops with push-up detailing are your best kept secret.


What is an apple-shaped body? An apple-shaped body is wider in the middle with an undefined waist. What swimsuits are best for apple-shaped bodies that need tummy control? Here are some suggestions:
  • Sport a one-piece swimsuit detailed with ruching, an empire waist or a wrap silhouette to beautifully camouflage and slim your tummy.
  • Should you opt for two-piece swimwear, try a swimsuit with a higher waistline for extra tummy coverage.
  • Definitely, check out swimsuits with a built-in tummy-control panel that helps to define your shape.


What are the best swimsuits for a larger bust? Bigger busts need a more supportive swimsuit. How do you give your bust a boost?:
  • Look for swimsuits with underwire, boning and molded cups to help provide much needed support and lift.
  • Bra-sized swimsuits with higher neckline, halter tops and adjustable straps are key to keep your girls contained for a flattering look.
  • Avoid plunging or embellished necklines that draw added attention to your chest and cleavage.


    What is a pear-shaped body? Pear-shaped bodies are usually fuller on the bottom than on top, meaning your hips are larger than your bust. Here are some tips for making the right choice:
    • Play up your top half in plunging necklines, bold prints or embellishments to keep the attention focused away from your thighs.
    • Conceal your thighs in preferably darker color to minimize this area. An asymmetrical style will elongate your shape.
    • Wrap up your beach or pool look with a stylish sarong for added coverage.